Friday, May 18, 2007

Short post... more later

My CPH is done... officially done!! I have no good photos of me wearing it, only those in which I look alarmingly like the unibomber. I'll try again another time to get some good pics.

Also, the Shetland Triangle has been received and I can now reveal it's true appearance post-blocking.

I have quite a bit more to ramble on about, but it's really nice outside and the kids wanna go play. Who can say no to that?!

Bye for now.


Bertha said...

Hey, that looks great! You're dragging me back over the CPH side of things! Oh, decisions, decisions...nice job!

tiennie said...

Great job on both! Wow!

Brown Berry said...

Your CPH looks GREAT. I really like the color yarn you chose for both it and the shawl. Nice knitting!

Sheri said...

You just started that on May 3rd and it's done already? WOW! It seems to take me months to finish a sweater.I'm going to try that one in off white Cascade Superwash, but, I'm sure it'll take forever.
Beautiful sweater!
Sheri in GA (came over from Zimmermaniacs)

Julie said...

Awesome! And how big is that triangle? Seems like you just started's gorgeous!

Kelley said...

We really have similar tastes in patterns -- I've been eyeing the shetland triangle for a long time! Yours is gorgeous. And congrats on the CPH, too. It looks like it fits really well!