Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have knitter's ADHD

I have been trying to be good and only have a couple of WIPs going, but it's getting harder. Everytime I see something I like, I want to cast on for it and get it done. Until I see something else I like and the cycle repeats. For example, I have been chugging along with my CPH and now have a body (knit in one big piece to avoid seams) which is blocked and wearable as a vest. I also have a sleeve blocking as I type this. I'm waiting to work the second sleeve because I know the CPH is snug and added to that is the fact I have broad shoulders... Since it's a set-in style sleeve, I wanted to be sure the sleeve will fit me before spending a considerable amount of time working a second sleeve. Make sense? Well, it does to me. :-)

So while I'm waiting for the sleeve to block so I can seam it into the body, I figured I should start on my first shawl.

Did I forget to mention I'm taking a communication class at the community college and I have a speech to give tonight? And that I haven't decided on a topic or started the outline for said speech? Oops. My bad!

Back to the knitting. I have completed the first section of the shawl and think I like it. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a relatively simple-but-difficult thing for me to knit, though. It's simple enough as a pattern, but because it's got the lace component, I have to keep counting. And my kids like to interrupt while I count. So I count again. And again. And again... well, you get the idea. So I'm thinking this thing might take some time. It's a good thing the recipient is patient. :-)

I also have my dad's scarf in my car to work on whenever I have the time--like when waiting to pick up my oldest son from school. And I have the Log Cabin Blanket which has hit the point of stagnation. (is that a real word?!) I've said before that the blanket project is near bed and I don't often knit on it since we tend to watch TV downstairs and not while in bed.... It's almost summer anyway, so maybe T won't mind too much if he has to wait for fall... or winter.

I have no photos for you today. Sorry. Have a great day.