Tuesday, May 1, 2007


The sweater is cursed. There. I said it out loud.

I finished the fair-isle-y portion of the sweater and for a first time effort, it's not terrible. For my satisfaction, it leaves much to be desired. It's puckery, tight/loose/fine, and generally an obvious beginner's job. Add to that the fact that because I opted not to add any more misery, er I mean fair isle to the rest of the yoke, I misplaced the decreases too close together. This gives me a sweater with a nice funnel of a neck. I'm so dang frustrated with it--and myself--that it's been put to the side where it awaits either a stroke of patience or a nice visit to the frog pond. Again.

I know that the simple fix is to rip back at least to the start of the decreases where I can refigure them and end with more of a crew neck styling, but I'm at that point of disgust that sometimes comes with a project that's not all that captivating. I just don't look forward to working on this at the moment. Keep in mind, though, that this is in NO WAY any indication of how I feel of it's intended recipient!!

For now, I'll be working on the Log Cabin and maybe even starting my CPH.

Have a great day!