Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why you should always check for errata

I give you a baby gift... that needs the collar to be ripped and redone following the errata given online. I will do exactly that, but not until I've cooled down. I'm sooo irritated at the screw up, but even more so that I didn't notice that the collar wasn't centered on the neck properly as I knit away. Oh well. Lesson learned. FYI, the pattern is the Shawl Collared Jacket from Debbie Bliss's Baby Knits for Beginners book. I used some el-cheapo acrylic TLC Heathers in Teal color on size 8 addis. I figured the mom would appreciate the washability of the stuff. I also like the color very much. Think it's very boyish. I do have to say that the more patterns I knit from Debbie Bliss the less I like her style. The things she designs are so very cute, but are way too oversized, in my opinion. This sweater pictured is the 6-12 month size. My son is a thick child and at 19 months, this fits him except for the too-short sleeves. The finished chest measurement is 24"!!! That's almost big enough to fit my 3 year old!! Just my opinion. I need to remember that her stuff is always oversized and adjust accordingly on future things.

I still have the rest of the second sleeve for the lady-friend project I spoke of in the last post. I hope to finish that this weekend so I can wash the whole thing, pack it up and ship it off!!

Have a great weekend!


Kelley said...

Hi there! I just read your second comment. I think I knit the Bog jacket for a 36" bust, but I thought about each of the measurements as I went along. I know I like longer arms and longer length than most sweaters I find in stores, so I generally fix those as I go on all patterns.

I'm actually not from Chicago at all -- I live in New York City. I was in Naperville last year for a family gathering and ended up stopping in Kool Knits briefly. I have family throughout Chicago.

I really like the sweater, even though you have to redo the collar. It's a great color -- not a very typical color for a child. I'm knitting my very first baby-item for a friend right now (the February Baby Sweater), and it's so much fun!

tiennie said...

I think the sweater turned out great! Debbie Bliss patterns drive me nuts sometimes.

Tanya said...

So sorry about the issues you had with this pattern. I saw you on Ravelry. Anyway, when I tried to find the errata on DB's website. If you could let me know what it was (if you still have it). Thanks!