Saturday, March 3, 2007

Chicago winter sucks.

That would be our 13' trampoline that actually made it into our back neighbor's yard on top of a couple of his evergreens. This photo is the 'after' view. I admit that it had to be funny as hell to watch us struggle to get the thing rolled back into our yard. That sucker is heavy and awkward!! The problem was, the wind (40mph and more) was working against us. Literally. We're sure the tramp is completely dead, not just the outer rails that hold the netting up. They're trashed. But it looks like the frame of the bouncy portion is all bent up, too.


As for knitting, there hasn't been a whole lot of worthy progress. I'm chugging away at the really large blanket for my daughter, but not quite half done with the solid pink strip. I'm bored to tears knitting it, but at the same time I'm excited to get it done and crochet that neato contrast color in!! Hope to post progress photos soon!