Monday, March 5, 2007

Minimal Log Cabin Progress

I like knitting the log cabin blanket much more than I thought I would! It's strange... It feels like I'm making a lot of progress each time I switch colors, but the blanket is still so very small. I enjoy the feeling of something being accomplished, even if it's a false feeling!!

As for my daughter's blanket, it's definitely growing. I can't wait to finish the first strip--the pink--so I can at least knit a different color for a while. She's very excited about her new blankie and I want to give it to her asap! I'm not posting pics of it because it's boring. Boring boring boring. Cute, but boring.

I also cast on (again) for the EZ Practically Seamless Baby Sweater from the Knitter's Almanac. I worked feverishly to calculate how many stitches I should cast on, how many to increase, how many for sleeves, fronts, back, etc etc etc so that it will hopefully fit E. She's just over 3 years old, but she's skinny as all get out. Skinny and tall. Couldn't we all be so lucky?! :-) So I cast on again last night and I'm knitting a row here and there. I hope my math was correct because I think E would look so adorable in it! It's a beautiful little lacy sweater.

In non-knitting news, we flipped the trampoline over after removing the posts that hold the safety net up. What a pain that was! It's still cold here and that wind sure does have a vicious bite! We couldn't stand the white trash appearance anymore, though. It still looks kinda icky, what with the posts and netting underneath the trampoline, but at least the thing's in an upright position. And of course, we learned a valuable lesson: If you live in Chicago and wish to keep a trampoline as a toy in your yard, you will require at least a few bags of sand to hold said trampoline in it's place during gale force winds and unheard of gusts.

Bye for now!