Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ribbit... Ribbit...

I'm afraid both of the projects I was actually making progress on have been tossed to the frog pond. I messed up somewhere at the underarm joining of the EZ baby sweater and that completely messed up the gull stitch pattern... I'm still novice enough that I have no idea how to frog it back to the point I messed up, not to mention I don't really know where (or what) I messed up, so even if I could muster the courage to rip back, I wouldn't know when to stop.

The other ribbit is the hearts blanket. I decided today that there are many factors I just can't live with about the project. 1) It's bound to be WAAAAAY too small to do any good for my daughter and I don't want to spend $100 or more to get enough yarn to make it bigger. 2) It's kinda looking like a glorified dishcloth to me. 3) The seed stitch pattern has gotten completely under my skin and I can't take the slow progress anymore. 4) While I really do love this yarn (Rowan Wool/Cotton) I don't like it for a blanket. Not this blanket, anyway. I think it'd be much better used in a sweater or two.

So I started on a different blanket for dd. She kinda helped me design it... It's going to use up a fair amount of cheap acrylic yarn (Lion Pound of Love) I've had in the stash for a year or so, and I think it's gonna be cute as hell! I totally copied the idea from Alison at The Blue Blog, only using different colors, yarns, and making up a pattern myself instead of buying the Sarah Dallas Knitting book. :-)

You can't see it in this photo, but the blanket will be two pieces--solid pink on one side, striped purple and white on the other, joined in the middle with a turquoise. The same turquoise color will be used for a simple crochet stitch around the entire border of the blanket.

If this one for my daughter actually makes it to completion, I plan on making another in a blue, turquoise, and white combo with a red contrast crochet border for my youngest son. My oldest son has agreed to the Log Cabin Blanket, but I'm having a hard time locating all the different colors he wants me to use... I wanted to use Wool Ease since it's cheap for the yardage, on sale here locally, and is supposedly available in lots of colors... that I can't find. :-(