Friday, January 26, 2007

In general

I'm chugging along with the CPH v2 in wool ease. Both sleeves are done and blocking away. I've had some trouble with the body, though. In knitting this second one, I realized an error I never really worried about on the first one. Anyway, I have cast on at least 3 times, and I think I've got it right this time. No photos because I doubt anyone wants to see half an inch of k2p2 ribbing! :-) I have used the cable cast on for the entire project... No real reasoning behind this except that I kind of like how it looks. I prefer the long tail method, but I didn't feel like trying to guess-timate how much of a tail to leave for 162 sts!!

On another front, I had found MANY patterns in Phildar's various magazines on their french website and I fell hard! I decided to buy six magazines, mostly the Layette, but also a couple of the kids' versions. That was almost 2 weeks ago! I'm not sure if the delay is on the overseas mailing portion or if it's my not-so-adept-at-their-job mailpeople. They are the worst. I am super anxious to see the mags first hand, though!! I've been a little obsessed (to say the least) about checking the mail. :-) Maybe they'll come today. Or tomorrow. Or sometime this month.

Have a great day! I'll leave you with my youngest, eating his banana and hamming it up for the camera!