Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Baby Cardigan

Done up in stash-busting Bernat Softee Baby in pale blue, this is the Sirdar leaflet pattern #3143 on size 5 bamboo needles. I adapted to knit in one piece instead of 3 and joined the sleeves as if knitting in the round. Kind of made it more difficult than I thought, but it turned out ok. At least I didn't have to seam much--only the underarms! My gauge was a little off from the pattern, so I followed the 3-6 month sizing to achieve a newborn finished product. I have a couple aquaintances who are expecting this summer, so I might knit up one or two more of these in a summer-y cotton yarn of some sort... perhaps Patons Grace or Jaeger Aqua. I also really want to try the baby surprise jacket (Knitting Workshop) and the baby sweater (Knitter's Almanac) by Elizabeth Zimmermann, so those might take precedence over another Sirdar. We'll see what gender babies are coming before making the decision!

Anyway, enough of the mindless chatter and on to the photo.

I had some trouble with the button band, as you can see, and I haven't officially finished this knit since I still have the buttons to sew on, but I wanted to post a pic anway! (ps... I 'borrowed' this photo idea from a blog I've been following for a while now... I hope that's legal! If not, lemme know!)