Monday, January 29, 2007

A lesson in Dye Lots

I won't say much. I'm too mad. At myself and at the stupid $#%(#($@#$&*$%)$_ idiots who developed dye lots. SONUVA.

I can't believe I didn't see this happening. I just kept on-a-knittin and didn't look at anything but what I was working on at the immediate moment. I am actually completely amazed at what a HUGE difference there is between two balls of the same yarn in the same color. I mean, come on! Was the stripe-y causing yarn dyed by someone on crack, or what? Did the dyer forget to add the blue dye? SONUVA.

I'm going to finish it. I'm afraid if I don't, there will officially be a curse on me and the central park hoodie, as I still have one 3/4 finished lying on my bedroom floor. Good news is I'm happy with the overall results, save the color variance. It turned out better than I expected!