Friday, June 15, 2007

February Practically Seamless Baby Sweater #2

I had to make another one. They're like the Baby Surprise Jacket and Lay's Potato Chips--you can't have just one!

Pattern: Baby Sweater on Two Needles; Practically Seamless from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac, February
Yarn: Elle Pure GOLD DK in Hazelnut #198, 100 g ball
Gauge: 5.75 stitches per inch
Needles: Size 5 Knit Picks Options circular
Started June 11 and Finished June 14 (would have been even faster if not for my sudden addiction to Ravelry!!)
Final measurements--I'm guessing this would fit a 6-12 month old??
Chest (buttoned): 10" flat, 20" circumference
Neck to bottom hem: 10.25"

Once you get past the initial "What the heck..." of the sleeve instruction, this is a super fast and fun little knit. I used exactly one ball of the yarn (100g = 220 yards) and had nothing but scraps leftover-maybe not even 1g!! Definitely the closest I've cut it on a project to date. This was a cheap knit, too. Even counting the buttons and sales tax, the total cost was less than $12! Can't beat that with a stick. I hope to be back soon with another post since I immediately cast on for the Cabo Hoodie by Wendy of Knit & Tonic for my younger son. :-)


tiennie said...

I love these little jackets! Wish I had a little girl to knit for.

Bertha said...

Oh man, that is ADORABLE! I SO want to make this for June, but I'd need to make one in a true 12 month size so it would fit her in the fall (man, if then...she's only about to be 5 months and is already in 9-12 month stuff, but mostly because she's so long...) Does the pattern come in different sizes or would I need to do math?

rachel said...

did you add on the 14 extra stitches on each arm and each under arm? yours looks great, but when i was reading to add 14 extra on each sleeve that it seemed like a lot.

bethana said...

This is absolutely beautiful!