Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring has Sprung... Finally!

I think, anyway. The weather has definitely been nice and the kids have enjoyed being outside!! As a result, I've gotten little done on the knitting front. It's a happy trade-off. Next summer ought to be the first I can get some knitting done while the kids are playing in the yard or front, etc. This year my youngest is still too young to be semi-self-sufficient. He still has ZERO fear and likes to climb up the slide backwards, almost fall off the platform, then slide face/head first back down!

I have made some progress on the dad-friend-sweater. A whole sleeve is done (except for joining it to the body) and the body has been started. I also bought some yummy yummy yarn for my dad's scarf. He's not exactly a high-maintenance type guy, so I had to find something that was nice and soft but also easy care. He asked for charcoal. I thought that was far too boring, albeit useful since it goes with anything, so I found a great color variation in Lorna's Shepherd Worsted. I figure I have some time to get started since it's also spring in Colorado where he lives. :-)

So that's it in a nutshell for me. I'm going to get back to the knitting since the kids are sleeping. Good Night!