Friday, January 19, 2007

Avoidance isn't always the best policy...

But it's a pretty well exercised one in my world!!

I have a Central Park Hoodie (CPH) on the needles in Rowan Yorkshire Aran Tweed because I'm afraid to finish it... If I finish knitting it, I'll have to seam it and the yarn scares me. It's thick and thin and weak and strong and I'm freaked out. So I have the entire cardigan body and one sleeve done and another sleeve all-but-done (I'm about half through the sleeve cap shaping) and the only things left to do are finish the sleeve and knit the hood. And seam it. Did I mention I fear seaming this sweater? I don't dare admit when I actually cast on for this one. You'd faint.

So yesterday I did what any rational person would do: I picked out some stash yarn (wool ease in blue mist) and cast on for a sleeve of another CPH for a friend's teenage daughter. There's some good news and some bad news to this. Good News: stash yarn! (need I say more?!?) This yarn doesn't freak me out so it should become a finished project in a timely fashion. And finally, it's a gift, which is always a good thing. Bad news? Well, I'll probably never finish the first one. The one I bought good yarn for. The one meant for ME! Only time will tell. For now, here's my progress on the blue one in wool ease, along with a footie shot of my littlest helper! :-)


Pam said...

It would be OK to use a different smoother, stronger yarn to sew your #1 CPH - in a color that's a close match, of course. You can do it, really.